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There's not always only one answer.

In system development and service operation, it is not wrong to outsource part or all of the work to an external information service company.

However, if there is no person in the company who can judge whether the amount offered by the contractor is reasonable, the result will not be good for both parties.

Whether it's to understand if the amount is appropriate, or to find out if there's anything you can do yourself, the purpose is fine, so why not start by yourself?

We will provide services and products to help you do that.

Business app development without coding

There are many no-code tools, but don't you end up paying for additional functions that are necessary for operation, resulting in high costs?

kumaneko is a free app builder equipped with various standard functions to turn "impossible" into "possible".

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Image editing software that does not install

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the price of image-editing software or had no idea how to use it, even though you just wanted to do something simple?

freepei is a free online photo editor that allows you to edit images anywhere you have a browser.

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